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Equality and Diversity Steering Group Members

Find out which staff are members of the Equality and Diversity Steering Group and their contact details.

Colin Bailey Chair - Principal
Laura Gibbs Chief Operating Officer
Dalia Dasgupta Interim Director of Human Resources
Sandra Brown Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Carol Malcolm Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator - Secretary
Yasir Yeahia Student Union Representative
Ahmed Mahbub Sudent Union Representative
Ian McManus Director of Estates and Facilities
Sarah Cowls Director of Student Services
Simon Jarvis Head of Disability and Dyslexia
Valsamis Mitsilegas Head of School Representative
Geraldine Healy Academic Member Representative
Helen Bintley Institue of Health Sciences Education
Jenny Chamarette Senior Academic Lead for Equality and Diversity at QMUL 
Fadi Safieddine  Accreditation Manager
Kitt Price Trade Union Representative
Yasmin Ibrahim Trade Union Representative
Una Byrne Trade Union Represenative
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