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Salary scales

The latest salary scales can be found below.

In January 2024, a number of changes were made to grade 1 and 2 of the Queen Mary Pay scale.  The starting salaries for both grade 1 and grade 2 were increased, uplifting the starting salary for both grades by 3 pay points respectively.  Additionally, the top point of grade 1 was increased enabling colleagues in grade one to see an increase in pay progression over time.

The Queen Mary salary scales effective from 1st January 2024 are here:

QMUL Salary Scale Jan 2024 [XLS 39KB]

The Queen Mary Salary Scale uplifts from 1st August 2023 were as follows:

Spinal Column Points Uplift
3 to 5 8%
6 to 14 7%
15 to 25 6%
26 and above 5%

QM August 2023 Salary Scale [XLS 40KB]

The current Clinical Academic Salary Scale can be found below:

Clinical Academic Salary Scale- April 2023 [PDF 209KB]

The Queen Mary salary scale for grades 1-7 is updated in accordance with  cost-of-living increases that have been collectively agreed between the Universities and Colleges Employers’ Association (UCEA) and the Trade Unions. The clinical academic salary scales are updated each year in line with NHS pay rates, usually with effect from 1 April.

Each job in Queen Mary is placed on a pay grade, according to a fair and objective job evaluation process. Pay progression within each grade 1-7 is via an automatic increment each year in August until your pay reaches the top of the automatic incremental zone (the ‘yellow’ section of the grade). Any further pay progression (in the ‘purple’ section of the grade) is considered via the annual Staff Bonus Scheme. Pay progression for those at Grade 8 is determined each year by the Professorial Review and Professional Services Grade 8 Review processes.

Teaching Associates and Teaching Fellows

The above model, created through consultation with Schools and UCU, is designed to be a guide for the 2016-17 academic year in support of creating a broadly consistent experience across the population of Teaching Associates and Teaching Fellows.  It is a guide only and there is nothing here which is intended to be either definitive or contractual.  The model lists the variety of activities that Schools have indicated they engage Teaching Associates and Teaching Fellows for.  However, the existence of an activity does not in any way oblige a School to use TAs and TFs for that activity. Variations to these generic guidelines have been agreed with individual Schools, in consultation with HR, where their particular teaching model differs from the generic.  You may wish to request your School’s specific model directly from your School’s administrator. 

Below are the agreed job profiles for these roles:


Demonstrators have been assimmillated to grade 3 of the QMUL Pay spine from 1st September 2017.  The job profile is below;

Demonstrator job profile [DOC 59KB]



QM May 2023 Salary Scale [XLS 36KB]

QM February 2023 Salary Scale [XLS 37KB]

QM Salary Scale - August 2022 [XLS 36KB]

QM August 2021 Salary Scales [XLS 27KB]

QM August 2019 Salary Scales [XLS 28KB]

QM December 2018 Salary Scales [XLS 35KB]

QM August 2018 Salary Scales [XLS 28KB]

Clinical Academic Pay Scales April 2017 [DOC 48KB]

Overview of QM Pay and Grading Structure December 2017 [XLS 29KB] 

Overview of QM Pay and Grading Structure August 2016 [XLS 29KB] 

Overview of QM Pay and Grading Structure August 2015 [XLS 29KB]  

Overview of QM Pay and Grading Structure August 2014 [XLS 76KB]  

Overview of QM Pay and Grading Structure August 2013 [PDF 106KB]  

Overview of QM Pay and Grading Structure August 2012 [PDF 17KB]  

Overview of QM Pay and Grading Structure August 2011 [PDF 14KB]  

Overview of QM Pay and Grading Structure August 2010 [PDF 16KB] 

Clinical Salary Scales 2010 [DOC 288KB] 

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