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Human Resources

Grading and Job Evaluation


During the National Pay Framework exercise in 2006 all jobs underwent full HAY evaluation by a panel of HR, management and trade union representatives, in order to transfer staff onto a single pay spine and develop a grading structure.

Following this extensive process it was agreed that future jobs would be matched to a set of grade profiles by HR. The matching process uses relativity and context to make grading decisions and  is underpinned by the principles of HAY.

An overview of the job matching process can be found in this flowchart [PDF 241KB]Employee Relations Managers (formerly titled HR Partners) are the prime contact for line managers regarding job grading and re-grading. For senior roles please refer to the PS/Faculty Strategic HR Partner. The Reward and Benefits Manager is responsible for overseeing the process and ensuring the quality and integrity of job grading. The Job Grading Panel and Regrade Panel meetings are usually chaired by an Employee Relations Manager or the Reward and Benefits Manager. Employee Relations Managers are Panel members. Any issues or concerns regarding Job Grading may be referred to the relevant Employee Relations Manager, Strategic HR Partner or the Reward and Benefits Manager.

Job Profiles

A QMUL job profile comprises a job description, which provides an accurate representation of the role, and a person specification, which details the qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience that are required in order for the jobholder to perform the role effectively.

A job profile is used for a number of different purposes:

• To enable HR to correctly evaluate the grade of a post, ensuring employees are rewarded fairly and consistently for the work they are asked to undertake.

• To target and attract appropriate candidates to apply for a vacancy.

• To help recruiters identify the most suitable candidates during the shortlisting and selection processes.

• To facilitate the communication of expectations about performance to candidates at the recruitment stage, and subsequently during employment.


There is a standard job profile format Job Pack template [DOC 1,804KB] and accompanying this are the QMUL Job Profile Guidance Notes [DOC 177KB] which provide guidance and advice on how to write a job profile. 



New roles or changes to roles as a result of a restructure

The Job Grading Panel meets twice per month to consider these roles. If you have any new roles or roles emerging from a restructure, please contact your Employee Relations Manager or Strategic HR Partner.

Existing roles that have become vacant but have had no changes made to the job profile do not need to be sent to the Grading Panel. The Employee Relations Manager will need to review any significant amendments made to an existing job profile to identify if this should be taken to the Grading Panel.


Job Grading Panel Dates

Panels are scheduled to take place on the following dates:

Job Profile to be emailed to Employee Relations Manager by

Job Grading Panel Date Job Grading outcome will be provide to Line Manager by
Wednesday 08 November 2023 Wednesday 15 November 2023 Friday 17 November 2023
Wednesday 22 November 2023 Wednesday 29 November 2023 Friday 01 December 2023
Wednesday 06 December 2023 Wednesday 13 December 2023 Friday 15 December 2023
Wednesday 03 January 2024 Wednesday 10 January 2024 Friday 12 January 2024
Wednesday 17 January 2024 Wednesday 24 January 2024 Friday 26 January 2024
Wednesday 31 January 2024 Wednesday 07 February 2024 Friday 09 February 2024
Wednesday 14 February 2024 Wednesday 21 February 2024 Friday 23 February 204
Wednesday 28 February 2024 Wednesday 06 March 2024 Friday 08 March 2024
Wednesday 13 March 2024 Wednesday 20 March 2024 Friday 22 March 2024
Wednesday 27 March 2024 Wednesday 03 April 2024 Friday 05 April 2024
Wednesday 10 April 2024 Wednesday 17 April 2024 Friday 19 April 2024
Wednesday 24 April 2024 Wednesday 01 May 2024 Friday 03 May 2024
Wednesday 08 May 2024 Wednesday 15 May 2024 Friday 17 May 2024
Wednesday 22 May 2024 Wednesday 29 May 2024 Friday 31 May 2024
Wednesday 05 June 2024 Wednesday 12 June 2024 Friday 14 June 2024
Wednesday 19 June 2024 Wednesday 26 June 2024 Friday 28 June 2024

In preparation for the grading process, the job profiles are reviewed to ensure they are in line with the Queen Mary Brand and Job Profile Guidelines. The Grading Panel members can get very busy and the above dates have been scheduled carefully to ensure there is enough time to process the profiles properly.

Failure to meet the deadline stated above may mean that the profile could be added to the agenda of the following Panel meeting instead.



These are reviewed on a quarterly basis at a Regrade Panel (the dates of which can be found below). If you have a role to be regraded, please contact your Employee Relations Manager or Strategic HR Partner.

A review of the job grade is triggered by changes in the overall scope of the job and an increase in job responsibilities which are permanent, substantial and material due to one of the following:

  • Job re-design as part of an organisational re-design/restructure
  • Adjustments to jobs due to a re-design/restructure within a specific team e.g. where a colleague has left and is not being replaced, or where there is additional responsibility or accountability due to the removal of a layer of management above the role
  • Jobs that have gained an increase in complexity/scope due to other factors, e.g. new legislation, business expansion, or the addition of a new aspect or accountability in the role.

The review/re-grading process considers the job requirements and not the personal characteristics of the jobholder. If the jobholder is performing at a higher level than the role requirements, it would be more appropriate to consider applying for a one-off bonus or an additional pay increment via the annual Staff Bonus Scheme.

For a regrade to be considered, managers must complete this form. New Regrading Form Nov 2023 [DOC 24KB]

and ensure that they send in a copy of the old job profile along with the new job profile (in the current format) with tracked changes made to the job description and person specification. This is so that the Panel can identify the changes that have been made in the role and consider whether a regrade is justified. If it is not clear what changes have been made, the role will not be considered and you will have to wait until the next quarterly Regrade Panel for it to be looked at again. Please also send an organisation chart so that the impact on the wider team can be taken into account.

A job re-grade would apply to all the job-holders doing the current job. If the new job requirements set out in the updated job profile only apply to one of the posts, then all current jobholders must be given a fair opportunity to apply, and be considered, for that new post. Please contact your Employee Relations Manager regarding this.

Regrading of roles cannot be looked at outside of these Panel dates unless they have emerged as part of a team restructure, in which case it may be appropriate to ask the Employee Relations Manager or Strategic HR Partner to arrange an additional Grading Panel meeting specifically for that restructure.


Regrade Panel Dates 

Submission to be with Employee Relations Manager by Regrade Panel Date Outcome will be provided to Line Manager by
Monday 08 January 2024 Monday 15 January 2024 Thursday 18 January 2024

If you have any questions, please contact your Employee Relations Manager or Strategic HR Partner in the first instance.

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