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Staff Bonus Scheme

The 2021 Staff Bonus Scheme is open for applications on 16 February 2021.  This scheme is intended to recognise and reward exceptional contributions made by colleagues during the past 12 months, reflecting the unique circumstances of Covid19, national lockdowns and Covid response.

This scheme is accessible equally for staff in all types of role in Grades 1-7 across the University; the criteria for eligibility have been both simplified and more closely aligned to our collective Values. This new streamlined approach is open to everyone regardless of the length of your time in post. 

The emphasis now is on rewarding the exceptional contributions made by teams and individual colleagues over the past year through equal, one off bonus payments made to all who are successfully nominated.


The criteria for a bonus are set out below:

Criteria – How? (Values)

Criteria – What?

Impact of what has been delivered (Measures)

  • Inclusive
  • Proud
  • Ambitious
  • Collegial
  • Ethical





  • Development and delivery of innovative or creative new solutions
  • Exceptional personal responsibility either as an individual or by a team as an example of good citizenship
  • Delivery of work activity or initiative that is beyond the usual scope of the role or their area of responsibility
  • Legacy of initiative or contribution or cross-functional collaboration will be greater than one year
  • Demonstrable reduction in wastage or efficiency gains
  • Number of staff or students supported or benefiting from the activity
  • Financial savings or income generation
  • Risk mitigation accomplished
  • Scale and significance of activity is beyond usual area of responsibility
  • Duration of contribution e.g. 3+ months
  • Extent/scale of cross-organisational/team working with other parts of the organisation
  • Long-term upskilling of team that has an impact on future ways of working/projects

Please click on this link for further details on the Values in action.

Applications for the 2021 Staff Bonus Scheme open on 16 February 2021, and will close on Friday 5 March 2021. The guidance notes and application forms are available below, and you are encouraged to get in touch with your HR Partner should you have any questions about the application process. You may also email the Reward and Benefits team at

2021 Staff Bonus Scheme Guidelines [PDF 717KB]

Staff Bonus Scheme Application Form 2021- Individual [DOC 80KB]

Staff Bonus Scheme Application Form 2021- Team [DOC 81KB]


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