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Human Resources

Process Improvement Project

Welcome to the Process Improvement Workshop landing page.


HR are currently engaging with colleagues from across the university to review and improve recruitment processes, including those involving I-Grasp, the University's e-recruitment system. We’ve engaged with ROC Technologies (the company behind the approach taken in QM’s Student Processes Improvement Programme) to assist with mapping current processes (the ‘As Is’) and to help inform what our future recruitment process may look like (the ‘To Be’).

Workshop Setup:

The “As Is” workshops are now underway and representative from across the university will review a number of recruitment processes. Each workshop will produce the following outputs;

  • Capture of an agreed “As Is” Process Map of the current process;
  • Capture of known issues that affects the process, performance and User experience- i.e. a Pain Point Assessment;
  • Capture of variations in the current process. 

One to two working days after the completion of a workshop, the agreed “As Is” Process Map, Variations and Pain Point Assessment will be published on this site.

Next Steps:

There will be a two-week period between individual process workshops where the outputs of the ‘As Is’ workshops will be verified and confirmed before commencement of  the “To Be” workshops.

Review and Confirm Outputs:

You can review workshop outputs via the relevant tab located on the left hand-side menu of this landing page. The ‘As Is’ Process Map is PowerPoint and the Pain Point Assessment is in Excel.

Please download and review, feedback should be submitted to within a week of the workshop completion.

Workshop Timetable:


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