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Work Experience at QM

Please find below information about work experience at QM

Information for applicants

To apply for a work placement/internship at Queen Mary or medical research, please directly contact the departments/schools you are interested in to secure a work placement.
To find information about our departments/schools, areas of research of academic staff, please consult the pages below:

For work placement in clinical Medicine, please visit the page below:

Once a work experience is agreed, please fill in the form below and send it to the supervisor in the School/Department.
Work experience form [DOC 153KB]

Please note, the ages at which work experience supervisors will contemplate the arrangement will differ, depending on the skills and maturity required in that work area.  No student will be accepted on placement who is aged under 13 at all.  This is for Health and Safety reasons.
For school students, the school will need to sign on page 3 of the form. If the placement takes place during holidays and the school is closed, it is appropriate that the parents sign the form.

Information for departments/schools/institutes

If you agree to take on someone on a work placement, please fill in the work experience form below, make sure you carry out a risk assessment.
Please keep the form for your own records
For any questions regarding the risk assessment, please contact Occupational Health & Safety.

Work experience form [DOC 153KB]
For information about our insurance liability policy, please visit the page below:

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