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Wellbeing is the experience of good mental, emotional and physical health. This does not necessarily mean being in a constant state of pure happiness, but what you yourself experience as comfortable.

These pages explore the elements of wellbeing, and how to promote and enhance your wellbeing and that of your colleagues.

Queen Mary has an Employee Assistance Programme which is a free, confidential service that provides a wide range of support for staff around help balancing work, family and personal life.

A message from the Principal, Professor Colin Bailey:

"I would like to reiterate the Senior Executive's commitment to wellbeing and the development of a strategy with our people at its centre, to ensure that Queen Mary is a place where our staff are proud to work, and to support our ambition to be an employer of choice both locally and across the sector."

Wellbeing Essentials

Workplace Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing

Wellbeing Community

Managers' Essentials

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