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Human Resources

Staff Mobility

What is staff mobility?

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) offers its staff global opportunities to learn new ideas and discover best practices. We recognise the mutual benefits that come from welcoming staff from all over the world and the critical and invaluable exchange of ideas that this brings.

QMUL offers staff mobility opportunities through the Erasmus+ Programme to both teaching and professional services staff at QMUL, allowing them to gain professional development in internationally relevant ways, share best practice and benefit from an international environment as one of the key objectives of their staff experience.

How does this fit in with our strategy?

The Erasmus+ Programme is one of the objectives under Strategic Aim 4 of Queen Mary's 2014-2019 International Strategy where we aim to offer our staff the best possible international mobility opportunities with annual increases. Erasmus+ staff mobility is a healthy tool for staff to focus on their continuous professional development, overall well-being and offers staff a chance to experience a varied workplace environment.   

Everyone wins - the staff member, your team and students

Line managers at QMUL are encouraged to promote the Erasmus+ Programme staff mobility opportunities and to support their staff in these endeavours as much as possible by:

  • Incorporating the visit into a staff member’s workload pattern
  • Considering the visit in the appraisal schemes
  • Supporting the creation of new relationships for the department and University

When teaching staff visits also allow students to benefit from the teaching and support that mobile staff can bring.

Further information

A teaching visit should ideally be integrated into the curriculum of the receiving institution; this can include lectures, seminars, workshops, doctoral supervision, or intensive courses.

A training visit could involve training events, job shadowing, and observation, attendance at workshops or courses and so on. This may be for transfer of knowledge and sharing of good practice, to learn from shared experience, acquire practical skills or discover new ideas for teaching and learning.

An application for funding must be submitted and approved before any mobility takes place. For full details, terms, eligibility and application procedures, visit Erasmus+ Staff Mobility on the staff intranet.

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