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Everyday Mindfulness

We have some habitual behaviours, some are supportive and some critical. Mindfulness helps a person recognise thoughts, emotions and patterns in a completely informal way, becoming more ‘present’ in our daily habits, relationships, and day to day work.

Being in the present moment encourages greater awareness and focus whether that’s noticing the physical or the emotional sensations around us.

Being mindful in everyday life takes practice and patience along with commitment to focusing on the present moment, without judging, analysing or planning. The practice originates from Buddhism, but you don't have to be spiritual, or have any particular beliefs to strengthen your focus and practice being present and kind to oneself.

An image of a person's head with splashes of watercolourBenefits of Meditation

Cultivating a mindfulness meditation practice can help with everyday life situations at work and home and has scientifically proven to positively impact general wellbeing by:

  • Building resilience and reducing stress;
  • Improving emotional intelligence;
  • Helping manage negative and difficult emotions;
  • Strengthening attention and focus;
  • Increasing presentism and understanding of others.

New to meditation? Download one of these apps for a free taster session:

  • Meditation made easy in 5 minutes practice: Headspace
  • Breathing techniques to promote sleep: Calm
  • Exercises to reduce anxiety and stress: Buddify


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