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Your Community, Your Wellbeing

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During this time, it’s important to come together to support one another. The Organisational and Professional Development team are working with experts across QM to bring themed staff wellbeing weeks. These provide opportunities to share our perspectives: what’s working for us in our personal and professional lives, and what the research says that can help us. To book your place search ‘wellbeing series’ and join us every Wednesday afternoon 2-3pm. Find out more below.

Wellbeing webinar #1: Beating Corona Anxiety

For many of us, there’s a feeling of stress that comes with the current COVID-19 situation. During this webinar, our experts in the field talk about their research, practical hints and tips, and real-life experiences on how to deal with the constantly moving parts.

Wellbeing webinar #2: Work-Home Parent 

Some of us may have worked from home before, but what’s new for so many is that we now have our children at home with us while we work. During this webinar we invite speakers to share their expertise, with some real-life experiences and practical suggestions that could help you manage being the home-working parent.  

Wellbeing webinar #3: Work-Life Balance 

Work-life balance can be particularly difficult at the moment. How can we leave work at the door, when we are no longer going out of the door? During this webinar we discuss - Why is work-life balance important? How to keep our work-life balance? What can we do if we’re struggling? 

Wellbeing webinar #4: Controlling Uncertainty 

What happens when we face uncertain times? What works and what doesn't when we face adversity? During this webinar, we discuss decision making under pressure, learning, problem-solving, risk and uncertainty to help answer questions around how to make decisions in uncertain situations.  

Wellbeing webinar #5: Mental Health Aware 

Now is the time for us to strengthen our community and set-aside time to look after ourselves. What can we do to look after our own mental health and maintain wellbeing? How can we challenge the stigma around mental health? During this webinar we discuss the role of our Mental Health First Aiders and how we can support mental health across Queen Mary.  

Wellbeing webinar #6: Remote Working, Pandemic Style 

How can we work remotely and still look after ourselves and others? How can we give ourselves the best physical set up? How can we manage MS Teams fatigue? During this webinar, we discuss these questions and ask you to share your remote working hacks.  

Wellbeing webinar #7: Everyday Mindfulness 

How can we bring about awareness? How can we be more compassionate to ourselves and others? Is it really possible to meditate in just 5 minutes? Being in the moment and focusing your attention on one thing can be tough right now – how can we practice the art of being mindful? During this webinar we discuss what is mindfulness, how can we bring about more awareness and be mindful in everyday life.  

Wellbeing webinar #8: Unexpected positives of lockdown

What have been the unexpected positives of lockdown for you? Perhaps you've had more time with family, learnt new cooking skills, taken daily walks or connected more with your team? How do we keep hold of these and not go back to our old ways? During this webinar, we discuss the ups and downs of life under lockdown.

Wellbeing webinar #9: Support for Carers

Most of us are dealing with changes to our routine but combining new ways of working with caring responsibilities has placed additional pressures on some of our staff.  Join us for an discussion with special guests Marissa Harris, Strategic HR Partner and Mangala Patel, Professor of Dental Biomaterials, Institute of Dentistry to share their experiences in this area,  with some real life experiences, and practical suggestions that could help you manage your caring and working responsibilities.

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