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Academic Promotion

The Academic Promotions Round for 2021/2022 is open from Wednesday 15 December 2021.

Changes were made for the previous Academic Promotions round in order to enable Queen Mary to be a truly inclusive University where everyone has the support and opportunity to build their careers; and to meet the principles of good citizenship and inclusivity as essential requirements to progressing at Queen Mary. The changes that were made for the last promotion round have been carried forward into the 2021/22 round, with some minor changes to incorporate feedback received during the last round.

 Improvements to the promotion processes and documentation are aimed at helping us to reach our aim of increasing diversity at all levels of our academic career structure:

  • The Academic Careers Framework is used for academic promotion applications and also in preparing for appraisals/annual reviews, discussing career trajectories/plans, and identifying development opportunities.
  • Thresholds are built into the Academic Careers Framework to clarify the minimum requirements/criteria at each level.
  • There is an expectation that all academics should demonstrate their Citizenship and Inclusion within Queen Mary, by reference to the University values and activity within the Citizenship and Inclusion Area of Contribution. 
  • Education criteria reinforce that leadership is as important as innovation in Education; the criteria also include curriculum development, such as blended/on-line learning.
  • Professional Practice criteria include the development of an external reputation in the relevant professional field.
  • Guidelines reinforce that the academic promotion process is one of self-application by an eligible member of staff with no requirement for prior approval or nomination by the line manager or any other senior member of staff.
  • The introducing inclusion e-learning (covering equality, diversity and inclusion, tackling barriers, and unconscious bias) is a requirement for all panel members and decision-makers involved in the process.
  • Mandatory briefing sessions are provided to all promotion panel members on the application of the criteria.


The annual Academic Promotion process provides academic staff with an opportunity to progress in their careers.  The expectation for successful progression is that the applicant provides evidence of their contribution to the university, in line with our 2030 Strategy and Values, at the level for which they are applying.

Documents for the 2021/22 Academic Promotions round are provided below:

Application Form -Academic Promotion Application Form 2022 [DOC 99KB] 

Guidelines - Academic Promotion Guidelines 2022 [PDF 378KB]

Academic Careers Framework- Academic Careers Framework 2021 [PDF 9,273KB]

Personal Circumstances Form - Academic Promotions Personal Circumstances Form 2022 [DOC 78KB]

School and Institute Promotion Group meeting pro forma- School and Institute Promotion Group meeting pro forma [DOC 14KB]

The application form must be emailed to your Head of School/Institute Director by 31 January 2022. 

Heads of School/Institute Directors will then complete the Head/Director statement on the application and email this to the HR Reward & Benefits Administrator,, by 8 April 2022.

The full timetable is shown below:


Announcement of the Academic Promotions round by the Principal via e-bulletin

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Workshops and briefing sessions

December / January

Discussion of application with Head of School / Institute Director

December / January

Opening of application submission

4 January 2022

Application for Promotion document to be emailed to Head of School / Institute Director

Submission of Personal Circumstances Form (if applicable) to HR

31 January 2022

Personal Circumstances Panel

By end-February 2022

School/Institute Promotion Group panel meetings

By end-March 2022 

Head of School / Institute Director to complete statement on each Application and email the Application documents to Academic Careers Framework 2021 [PDF 9,273KB]Human Resources

By 8 April 2022

Submissions discussed at Faculty Panels

By mid-May 2022

Email to all applicants informing them of whether their application will be subject to further consideration by Queen Mary

By end-May 2022

The time between mid-May and mid-July 2022 will be used to seek expert opinions for applications for Professor and Reader who will be subject to further consideration.

Academic Promotions Group

By end-July 2022

Decisions and new salaries communicated, with promotions effective August 2022

By end-August 2022


The Academic Promotions Round will consider applications for:

  • Promotion to Senior Lecturer
  • Conferment of title of Reader
  • Conferment of title of Professor

To be eligible to make an application you need to meet all of the following criteria:

  • be an academic member of staff (currently a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader);
  • have one years' continuous employment on 31 December 2021;
  • have successfully completed the previous academic year’s annual appraisal/probationary review.


Academic Promotion Faculty Briefings have been arranged to take place virtually on MS Teams as follows:

Humanities & Social Sciences (H&SS): Thursday 13 January 2022 15:00 - 16.00

Science & Engineering (S&E): Monday 20 December 2021 13:00 – 14:30

School of Medicine & Dentistry (SMD): Thursday 6 January 2022 10.30-12.00

You may book a place on the sessions using the CPD course booking system which can be accessed via the Professional Development website. The sessions have been set up as code PD209. Please note that if you have not used this system before you will need to create an account. You can email if you need any help with this.

If you are unable to attend the session for your own faculty, you may attend one of the others but please note the session is chaired by the Faculty Vice-Principal (for the H&SS and S&E briefings) or an Institute Director (for the SMD briefings) and some information given will be specific to the relevant academic disciplines. 

Recordings of the briefing sessions from this year are also available at the links below if you are unable to attend one of the sessions. 

HSS Academic Promotions Briefing 13 Jan 2022

S&E Academic Promotions Briefing 20 Dec 2021

SMD Academic Promotions Briefing 16 Dec 2020

The slide deck for the Academic Promotions Briefings is attached below:

 Academic-Promotions-Round-2022-Faculty-Briefing [PDF 778KB]

We have also put together some Mentoring guidelines for those seeking academic career progression. Mentoring can support academic colleagues to progress their careers, by asking a more senior colleague to provide advice and act as a sounding board and role model. This guide, available below, provides some tips for mentees and mentors to get the most out of this relationship.

Mentoring for academic career progression [PDF 716KB]

In accordance with the Academic Promotions Guidelines, the Equality Diversity & Inclusion summary for the 2021 Academic Promotions Round can be viewed in the below document.

Academic Promotions EDI Summary Report 2021 [PDF 396KB]

Any advice regarding your readiness to apply for promotion should be sought from your manager. The Reward and Benefits team, , can be contacted with any queries with regards to the academic promotions process. 

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