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The 2022 appraisal window runs from May to November.

The Personal Appraisal and Development discussion should:

  • Ensure a shared understanding of objectives
  • Celebrate successes
  • Identify and address any obstacles to achieving objectives
  • Identify strengths and development needs
  • Enable discussion of career aspirations

Who should have one?

Queen Mary’s Personal Appraisal and Development applies to members of staff who:

  • have successfully completed their probation period (before this, use the probation procedure)
  • have a contract longer than a year

The Personal Appraisal and Development does not apply to those with honorary status, and those who have been appraised as part of the joint academic and clinical appraisal scheme, or clinical staff who require revalidation (the online Trust system should be used for this purpose).

Guides and support

We have three guides.  The contents are similar, but they have been tailored with examples for different groups of staff:

In addition we have FAQ and guidance considering the impact the current pandemic has had, and is continuing to have, on all of us: Appraisal Summer 2020 Guidance for Appraiser [PDF 355KB]

We hope that the system is intuitive - there are guidelines to help at Appraisal System Guidelines (Gen2) [PDF 562KB], and a guide for appraisers on how to use a dashboard to see the stage your appraisees are at. 

During discussions of career aspirations with Professional Services staff, you may find the Professional Services Career Development resources useful.

Appraisal training: we will be running workshops for staff during the Appraisal window. The workshop for appraisers is ‘Making the most of appraisal: Appraisers’ (course code PD180). For appraisees there is ‘Making the most of appraisal: Appraisees’ (course code PD185). Courses can be booked via the course booking system.

An alternative to the workshop is the e-learning module available throughout the year, Introduction to Appraisal, covering appraisal skills for both appraisers and appraisees.

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