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1. MyHR Timesheets – what is it and why are we introducing it?

  • By using MyHR we have a streamlined process which replaces an administrative task of the employee getting the paper timesheets approved, then checked in HR/Payroll and then manually keyed into the payroll system, with the employee entirely oblivious of where it is in this cycle and when it will paid.

2. What are the benefits of this new processing method?

  • The moment the timesheet is input it is available to the manager to approve and then is automatically paid in the next payroll run. The manager and employee receive emails about it and you can see if it’s been authorised. All your timesheets are can be viewed. In addition the most widespread mistakes are eliminated.

3. Should I use MyHR Timesheets to record my hours worked?

4. I’m a contractor and get paid via Timesheets – should I use MyHR?

  • If you submit an invoice for your services then no, you should not use MyHR Timesheets. You continue to use your current process.

5. What is happening about Additional Hours payments and Overtime?

  • The word ‘Timesheets’ is being used to encompass all irregular payroll payments previously carried out on paper forms, so you will use MyHR Timesheets for these payments too.

6. I haven’t got a QMUL login – how do I access MyHR?

  • Please contact your manager who will arrange access for you

7. Is MyHR Timesheets secure?

  • This is not a completely new system but a new module of MyHR which uses the same secure environment. Access to the system is only via a QMUL logon.
  • The access to your timesheets data is controlled by the same access rules as MyHR. You should note that apart from your manager and specifically delegated persons, by you or them, no-one can use MyHR Timesheets on your behalf to add, change or delete timesheets

8. Can I access MyHR Timesheets from home?

9. Will my pay be calculated differently?

  • No.

10. Will my pay method differ?

  • No.

11. I’m getting too many emails?

  • We cannot switch emails off for individual staff. We recommend that you create a Outlook Rule to move this to another outlook folders. If you have not used this before please contact IT HelpDesk

12. The list of payment codes is very long. How do I know which codes to use? 

  • If you do not have a fixed amount of hours each week and you’re making an entry for the hours worked the code should be AAT000 but if you have fixed hours e.g. 19 hours per week and you have worked over your fixed hours the code should be AHA001 which will be your flat hourly rate. If you work over 35 hours in week the rate is enhanced and the appropriate rate should be paid.
  • If in doubt ask your manager or HR Administrator who will advise you what codes to use. /hr/contact/whoswho/index.html
  • Certain codes relate to specific days of the week. These are detailed in the description that you see on screen

13. I am paid Holiday Pay in addition to my hours but there doesn’t appear to be a way of inputting it.

  • There isn’t a way to input it because there is no requirement to do it: when you choose the relevant payment type AAT000 the holiday pay on it is calculated when the payroll is processed and appears as before separately on your payslip

14. Some payment codes mention Grade in the description, whereas other do not. Why is this and how can I be sure my payment is calculated correctly?

  • Additional Hours payments at enhanced rates are grade specific because they use a midpoint pay spine for that grade. They do not use your grade and spine point. You should use the relevant enhancement (1.2, 1.3, 1.4) for your own grade, unless you have been informed otherwise by your manager
  • All other payment codes will use your contracted hourly rate for your post.

15. What if I have more than one post

  • A pop up list of you posts will appear and you choose the relevant one. This important to ensure that your timesheet is calculated at the correct rate pay and is routed to the appropriate manager to authorise

16. What happens if I have input a timesheet with the wrong details?

  • If you realise this immediately or your manager has not authorised it, you can ‘withdraw’ it. This removes it from the manager’s list of timesheets to authorise.
  • If the payment code is correct you can reuse it to submit it with the correct data or hours, by reopening it from the withdrawn bin. If the payment code is wrong you will need to input a new timesheet.
  • The steps are detailed in the User Guides

17. My working week ends on Sunday but on the timesheet grid (Employee View) it is the first day of the next week? How do I get this fixe?

  • This is not a fault. The onscreen view if working work is Sunday to Saturday.

18. How do I know what timesheets I will be paid for each pay period? 

  • You will be paid for all timesheets authorised by 5pm on the Monday closet to the 10th of the Month, provided that are for days up to the previous Saturday e.g. for February 2016 pay you will be paid for timesheets up to and including February 6th provided they were authorised by 5pm on Monday February 8th

19. How can I be assured that my manager has authorised my timesheets?

  • Firstly, your manager will have routines in place to ensure that this is done. He/she will not want the embarrassment of forgetting. Notwithstanding this the manager is prompted by messages on MyHR showing the number awaiting authorisation, a email is received for each timesheet submitted, we sent a reminder a few days before the cutoff Monday and there is a reminder of this date prominently displayed on the logon screen.
  • For your own benefit the Bins / Status screen is always displayed to you when start the to use Timesheets so you can see what timesheets are showing as not authorised (status = Submitted or Rejected)

20. I do not get notifications to authorise timesheets for one of my staff because they do appear my Team Manager list of staff?

21. When I try to use Timesheets I get error messages?

  • If you have any system issues then please contact IT helpdesk (+44 (0)20 7882 8888) or self-service or Email

22. Are there any users guides or videos to which I can refer?

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