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Human Resources

Communication Tools

This section is designed to help staff understand and choose which communication tool is best for different scenarios. Whilst staff may be working remotely, it is vital to remember that being successful usually hinges upon continued, effective communication. 

Queen Mary encourages individuals to take reasonable actions, where possible, to maintain their work-life balance. Working remotely can disrupt work-life balance. Various actions can mitigate this. One suggestion is to keep work and personal communication separate. It is an individual choice to share personal contact details for day-to-day work communication and this choice must be respected.  

Whilst the tools we use to communicate can make it difficult to ‘switch off’ and disengage from work, there are steps individuals can take to create a boundary between being online and offline. Staff may find it helpful to log out of Outlook when not working or lock their personal devices when not working so they do not see notifications whilst offline.  

This section runs though different work scenarios where communication is needed and suggests tools which can support these interactions. Different people will prefer different tools. Ultimately each manager, in conjunction with their staff member, should use the tools that best suit their teams.

While virtually meeting with colleagues is enabling us to carry out our activities as best we can under these difficult circumstances, it is essential that virtual meetings are organised with careful consideration ensuring that we do not compromise our well-being. Please see our new Virtual Meeting Guidance [PDF 428KB] for further information. 

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