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Human Resources

Queen Mary Covid-19 Community Support

At Queen Mary we feel our difference is our amazing community.

We do have some students and staff, both present and past, who are currently struggling because they are:

  • self-isolating, living alone, far away from home,
  • vulnerable and unable to leave the house,
  • working long hours to support the NHS without time to look after themselves.

This group has been set up so we can support one another as staff and students at this time.

You may be thinking how can I help others when I can’t leave the house?

The aim is to provide any support that you can – no one should go on public transport to do this. Around 40% of our students and many of our staff live in Tower Hamlets so if you live in that borough or one of the neighbouring boroughs you may be quite near someone in need of help. You could help by doing some shopping to leave on their doorstep, walking a pet or providing a friendly phone call.

We do also have staff and students located all across London, the surrounding areas and beyond so even if you are not based near one of our campuses, if you have time to join please do sign up. Your knowledge or willingness to reach out could still be helpful.

If you feel you can join us as a volunteer please complete the volunteering form.

If you need any help or support at this time please fill in the help request form and we will get back to you.

If you have any questions please e-mail

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