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Welcome to QMOUT, QMUL's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ+) staff network group!

Who is the LGBTQA+ Staff network for?  

Staff at Queen Mary University of London who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Non-binary, Queer, Asexual (Ace) or those who identify with other marginalised sexual orientations and/or gender identities. 

We actively welcome all staff who identify as part of the LGBTQA+ community including: 

  • BAME LGBTQA+ people / LGBTQA+ People of Colour 
  • LGBTQA+ carers
  • LGBTQA+ people of faith 
  • LGBTQA+ parents
  • LGBTQA+ people with accessibility needs
  • LGBTQA+ people with mental health conditions  

The network is also open to allies of the LGBTQA+ community.The mailing list is open to all staff at Queen Mary University of London, whether they identify as LGBTQA+ or as allies.  

When do we meet?

The group normally meets the last Thursday of every month in the evening for a meal/drink.
Meetings to discuss group business are organised 3/4 times per year. Keep an eye on the Ebulletin and our News & Events page for these.

What do we do?

The group is a community for LGBTQA+ staff members and their allies at Queen Mary. 
We organises social events (both day time and evening time), awareness raising events and provide a safe space for staff members to discuss issues.

How do I join?

To be added to the staff network mailing list, please contact Carol Malcolm (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team). The mailing list is confidential and only the list owners have access to it. 

If you require confidential support, you can contact George Lonergan (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team). This provision extends to all, and you do not have to be a member of the network to access this support.  

The Network is also hosted on Microsoft Teams, where members can have conversations on Channels, share files and resources and host meetings online - to join simply request to join using MS Teams. 

The Microsoft Teams site is a private group and though there is some degree of visibility when you join (other members can see who you are), we request that members maintain strict confidentiality about its membership and contents.    

If you do not feel comfortable joining the Teams site for now, have any questions or want to contribute in another way, you can get in touch with George Lonergan, who works in the EDI Team.  

Terms of Reference  

  • Provide a supportive, open environment for LGBTQA+ staff at Queen Mary University of London to network and socialise with LGBTQA+ colleagues.  
  • Offer a social, cultural and educational programme contributing to an understanding of LGBTQA+ matters, both in Queen Mary and the wider social context.    
  • To promote a positive image and visibility of LGBTQA+ staff and their contributions to diversity and tolerance in the Queen Mary community.  
  • To champion and support inclusion of bi, trans, non-binary and asexual colleagues, and other represented groups.   
  • To challenge homophobic, biphobictransphobic and acephobia attitudes and behaviours.   
  • To provide a safe place for members to raise issues and concerns about LGBTQA+ issues. 
  • To support the University with policy-making and feedback on existing Queen Mary policies, services and procedures relating to LGBTQA+ matters, and more widely with a focus on intersectionality.   
  • To work with senior leaders and departmental members of the Equality and Diversity Advisory Group to advance LGBTQA+ inclusion.  
  • To promote and champion LGBTQA+ inclusion by contributing to Stonewall Workplace Equality Index submission.   
  • Liaises with other universities and organisation with a view to sharing resources, ideas, events and good practice.  
  • To collaborate with other LGBTQA+ organisations and networks, particularly in East London and the regional and national higher education sector.  

Membership and Meetings  

  • Membership is aimed at staff who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Non-binary or Asexual at the University, however, the group is also open to allies.
  • Members can opt into the confidential mailing list.   
  • Meets at least termly and the Co-Chairs take recommendations and feedback from these meetings to the EDI Team/University departments and feeds back to the network. The meetings encompass HR related items, agenda items from members and committee and guest speakers if relevant. These meetings include items such as PRIDE, LGBTQA+ History Month, socials, policies, data, gender neutral facilities and celebrating awareness days.  
  • The network commits to hosting a number of events online annually to ensure they are accessible and to recording minutes of meetings to share with the wider network. 

Group Structure  

  • The steering group will be led by 2 co-chairs, ensuring diversity between them (i.e. not of the same gender/gender identity/sexuality/job role). The co-chairs shall have a seat on the Queen Mary Equality and Diversity Steering Group which reports directly to council through the Principal who chairs the meetings.   
  • The network has no formal structure (outside that of the two co-chairs) with all members on an equal standing.   
  • However, we formally seek representation from all represented identities – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Non-binary or Ace via appeals and messages to the membership.   
  • The group will be supported by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team.   

Benefits at Queen Mary

We are proud to say that all benefits, including maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave, at QMUL are inclusive for our LGBT+ staff.

We also offer confidential employee assistance on finance, mortgage, family, and counselling through Workplace Options.

Explore the comprehensive set of staff benefits at Queen Mary.

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