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Springboard Women's Development Programme

The Springboard programme is an award-winning international development programme, specifically designed for women from all backgrounds, ages and at various stages in life and careers – open to all staff who identify as women, in academic and professional services roles.

About Springboard

Springboard is all about personal and professional development for women, who want to develop further in their career. It offers participants the opportunity to undertake a substantial review of their work and personal life, and take more control by making good quality decisions about the right way forward. It can help participants shape the change they want in practical and realistic ways: by reflecting on their goals, developing their strengths, and practicing skills such as assertiveness, goal setting and workplace coaching.

Springboard is a personal development programme in which participants are encouraged to look at all aspects of their lives.

If you are an early career researcher you may want to consider UNIque which is designed specifically for women researchers at the early career stage.

Why is Springboard for women only?

Extensive research in a variety of organisations show that:

  • Women and men approach personal development issues in different ways.
  • Women and men benefit from discussing some issues in a single gender group.
  • Women are significantly underrepresented in HEI leadership and management roles.

The programme is run by our by our external consultant who has substantial experience of working with academic and professional staff on leadership and personal development. She is certified in counselling, coaching and mentoring. The programme is designed to create a productive and collegial learning environment to support workplace goals and ambitions.

Interested Applicants

If you are interested in participating please check you can attend all the dates below and have time to engage with the workbook and peer coaching between sessions. As with most development, you will need to be proactive to get the most out of the course – being clear about your own aims is the first step. Expressions of interest for this programme will re-open for 2023 soon.

2022 dates: 

1.  Getting Started –3 March 2022 10.00-4.00 (in person)

2.  Introduction to Coaching Skills–17 March, 1.00-4.00 (online)

  • Peer Coaching (2 hours – an hour each way)

3.  Knowing Yourself – 31 March, 10.00-4.00 (online)

  • Peer Coaching (2 hours – an hour each way)

4.  Being the Authentic You – 28 April, 10.00-4.00 (in person)

  • Peer Coaching (2 hours – an hour each way)

5.  Assertiveness – 26 May, 10.00-4.00 (online)

  • Peer coaching (2 hours – an hour each way)

6.  Where do we go from here? – 30 June, 10.00-4.00 (in person)

  • Peer coaching (2 hours – an hour each way)

For further information please email:

Programme Feedback

“The programme has provided me with a more positive outlook that will allow me to understand what I can change/influence and provided me with tools to help do this.”

“Every guest speaker was extremely inspiring and hearing their stories in full from their perspective was extremely useful.”

“It was a wonderful experience spending a multi-day training course solely in the company of women, it was a very considerate and supportive atmosphere.”

“Springboard has helped me recognise that making time for myself is actually time for my work as it puts me in a better place to be able to deal with my work.”

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