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The Race Equality Action Group


The Race Equality Action Group (REAG) brings together colleagues and students from across the institution to reinforce and recognise the University’s on-going commitment to address race equality issues. The goal is to use the Race Equality Charter (REC) as a framework within which we can address race equality issues in a broad and inclusive manner. The Charter principles will be used as a structure to enable Queen Mary to progress the agenda on race equality and to make progress in addressing relevant issues relating to staff and students.

The REAG will act as an advisory, implementation and consultative forum in relation to all aspects of race equality at Queen Mary and will identify activities to progress the agenda around race equality issues. At an appropriate time, the REAG will develop a timetable for preparing Queen Mary to prepare a submission for the REC, as well as co-ordinating the submission and action plan.


REAG will maintain an oversight of and coordinate activity on race equality across the University. In particular, it will:

  • Undertake research and data analysis in respect of race equality issues, and make recommendations to the University and relevant committees on priorities for action at institutional level, (and any targets to be associated with these objectives).
  • Make recommendations to the University and relevant committees on any positive action initiatives needed to address the under-representation of BAME groups.
  • Consider as a priority use of language around race and ethnicity and make recommendations about appropriate terms and terminology.
  • Establish working groups to look at specific issues identified by the data analysis and previous research in relation to race equality at Queen Mary.
  • Take responsibility for the implementation of race equality activities and initiatives at institutional level and hold Faculties and PS departments accountable for implementation at a local level.
  • Direct and promote Queen Mary’s commitment to the REC Principles.
  • Consider race equality issues of strategic significance, and make recommendations to SET on how the University should respond.
  • Support members to act as ambassadors for race equality and communicate about race equality initiatives and activities.
  • Identify emerging issues that are likely to require attention in the future.

In relation to REC, the Group will:

  • Advise on the University’s situation in relation to race equality and propose the timetable for submission to the REC.
  • Oversee the submission of the University’s submission for an institutional award, acting as the Self-Assessment Team (SAT) for the REC process.
  • Develop and monitor progress in relation to the Action Plan for the institutional submission.

Race Equality Action Group Membership January 2021

  • Sheila Gupta, VP People, Culture and Inclusion (Chair)
  • Carol Malcolm, EDI Co-ordinator (Secretary)
  • Abi Gaston, Deputy Head Of Careers & Enterprise
  • Afua Kudom, Careers Consultant, School of Law
  • Alvin Ramsamy, Deputy CEO, Students Union
  • Anwar Tappuni, BDA representative
  • Colin Grant, Vice-Principal International
  • Eleanor McDavis, EDI Manager (Gender)
  • Emma Maryam Shakir, Student, School of Geography
  • Eranjan Udayanga Padumadasa, Lecturer, Business and Management
  • Im Hussain, Equality and Diversity Data Officer, SMD
  • Jessica Jacobs, UCU Representative
  • Kevin Coutinho, UCL (External Adviser)
  • Jill Scott (Race Equality Consultant)
  • Lorna Ireland, School Manager, Institute of Dentistry
  • Mark Fuller, Head of PR and Internal Comms
  • Niamh Ryan, Communications Manager (Internal)
  • Panny Martin, Head of Directorate Support, Estates and Facilities
  • Philippa Lloyd, Vice-Principal Policy and Strategic Partnerships
  • Riya George, Lecturer, SMD (currently on maternity leave)
  • Robert Bennett, Chief Operating Officer, SMD
  • Shamima Akter, President, Students Union
  • Sheila Collins, HR Transformation Partner
  • Shahrar Ali, Assistant Institute Manager, Institute of Health Sciences Education
  • Sonia Sookhan, Faculty Strategic HR Partner, HSS
  • Susan Ellicott, Vp Comms & Engagement Support Officer
  • Thaarabi Tharmapathy, Student, SMD
  • Tiana Dinard-Samuel, Vice-President Communities, Students Union
  • Yasmin Ibrahim, Professor, Business and Management
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