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Raising Awareness Within Our Community

A message from Dr Sharon Ellis, Chief Operations Officer and our Senior Stakeholder Sponsor for supporting the raising of menopause awareness at Queen Mary.

“Inclusivity is a core value at Queen Mary University of London, so looking after our people is enshrined in our thinking. Supporting staff through their menopause is a key example of living our values.  We need management practices that enable people to talk about any impacts of the menopause on how they think and feel.  We also need to promote and encourage people to engage with the support available to meet our mission of a truly inclusive environment. As colleagues I would like to see us:

  • encourage appropriate conversations around the menopause.
  • enable allyship amongst our colleagues for those who are and will experience menopause symptoms.
  • empower staff to discuss their situations with their managers.
  • equip managers with knowledge and understanding of how to support their staff through this natural transition to ensure all staff thrive in their role and remain in work despite any menopausal challenges.
  • provide an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the menopause to enable awareness and to be able to support colleagues.

I am pleased that we are continuing to raise awareness for our staff, by hosting several menopause awareness specific webinars and some that will be informative for ensuring everyone’s well-being. I would like to thank colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Barts Health NHS Trust, and Professional Services for sharing their time and specialist knowledge with us and for our benefit. We are also very fortunate to have an external provider, Over the Bloody Moon, who will be sharing their expertise on the menopause with us.

The menopause is very likely, at some point in your life, to affect you directly or indirectly and in different ways – through a relative, friend or colleague. Having an awareness will enable you to support them in the best way that you can.  I would encourage you to attend any webinars of interest.”

Webinar Workshops – 12-19 October 2023

Last October, the university hosted for the first time menopause awareness webinars for staff.  The feedback received, was that the webinars were informative, and staff were pleased that conversations regarding the menopause were being discussed.

This year we are continue raising awareness amongst our community, by provide staff with a range of informative webinars relating to different aspects of the menopause journey.

International Menopause Day is 18 October every year. The aim of International Menopause Day is to raise general awareness about the menopause and to also raise awareness about a specific medical related theme each year. This year’s theme is Cardiovascular Disease.  Having some knowledge about Cardiovascular Disease is useful for everyone. As part of our menopause awareness week, we will be hosting the following webinar - “Cardiovascular Disease in Men and Women - Getting to the Heart of the Matter”. 

A list of all the webinars can be found here : Webinars or you could click on the Menopause Webinars tab below. The webinars will be delivered by external and internal presenters on Microsoft Teams.  

To book webinars of interest, please complete the following MS Form Once you have submitted your form, a space will be automatically reserved for your attendance at the webinar. Your webinar teams meeting invite will be sent to you two days prior to the webinar event.

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