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EDI Publications and Data

Queen Mary is committed to the provision of equality of opportunity for all our students and staff. 

Most Recent Publications


Below you will find our reports and data published by Queen Mary in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion.

EDI Annual Report

Our 2030 Strategy outlined our goal to be "the most inclusive university." Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Annual Reports detail the work, events and achievements undertaken by Queen Mary to meet this aim. 

Management Response to the Inclusion Review

In 2019, we conducted an Inclusion Review to help us understand how to improve organisational culture at Queen Mary. The review aimed to build an understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by Queen Mary in becoming a truly inclusive organisation and identified a series of recommendations to enable us to embed a culture of inclusion.

As part of the review, focus groups were held with staff who volunteered to take part. A number of focus groups were held, involving multiple members of staff. The staff who took part were promised their comments and discussions would be confidential. The appendices to the review include quotes from these staff, from which individual staff members are identifiable. These quotes have therefore been redacted, to maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of the staff involved.

The resulting report sets out a series of recommendations around five key themes:

• Recruitment; 
• Informal working practices; 
• Equality, diversity and inclusion infrastructure; 
• Development; and 
• Leadership and accountability. 

The Review is underpinned by a detailed Management Response to the Inclusion Review and Implementation Plan, which is being overseen by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group.

This Review and its recommendations are an important contribution to the University’s wider work on inclusion. The full picture of our extensive work on inclusion is expressed in our People, Culture and Inclusion Enabling Plan, which is currently in development and will be the subject of a University-wide consultation in due course.

Student Equality Data

In line with requirements under Equality Act 2010, we publish statistics relating to the protected characteristics of our students annually.

Staff Equality Data

In line with requirements under Equality Act 2010, we publish statistics relating to the protected characteristics of our staff annually.

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