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People who have an interest in helping others are more likely to feel happy and an act of kindness every week for a six-week period has been seen to increase wellbeing.

Being kind to others stimulates positive feelings and helping others can create a stronger sense of purpose. This is not just about giving money to charity, but about giving people your time if they are in need of support, helping someone up the stairs of tube station with a heavy suitcase or asking genuinely how someone is and listening to their answer.


As part of Wellbeing Fortnight:

Monday 5 November – 9 November: Board Games and Lego Donations – these will be used for activities at the Wellbeing Fair and following the event, will then be donated to the Chapel.

Monday 12 November 11-3pm: ‘Re-Think Mental Illness’ Bake Sale Stall Octagon (As part of the Wellbeing Fair)


How can you give at Queen Mary?

  • Has a colleague asked for feedback on a piece of work? Actually read it and provide praise and/or constructive feedback. Don’t just say it “looks good” – what is it that looks good?! What could make it better?
  • Be a mentor to a student or another colleague
  • Have you noticed a fundraising stall in Library Square? Show interest in the stall and maybe buy a cake as a treat – they will have been standing out in the cold all day
  • If a colleague looks upset, take them for a short walk around campus and really listen to them.
  • Donate some of your unwanted clothes to the British Heart Foundation using their drop-off points on campus - find them here: Mile End Campus Map [PDF 873KB]
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