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Connecting with others includes talking and listening to others around you, and not necessarily those you know! Studies have shown that feeling closer to and valued by others is a fundamental human need.

Having the opportunity to be supported, as well as supporting others, can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. You have more opportunity to share positive experiences and feel more understood.


As part of Wellbeing Fortnight:

Monday 12 November 11am-3pm – Have a break/some lunch with colleagues with some board games Senior Common Room

Monday 12 November 11am-3pm – Wellbeing Fair Octagon


How else can you connect at Queen Mary?

  • Have a chat to that person who may have just sat down at your lunch table alone – find out something about them
  • Could you go over and speak to someone face-to-face in your office rather than sending an email?
  • Offer the new colleague in your office a cup of coffee/tea – find out something in common!
  • Go along to guest lectures or events put on by the University, you can find out more information about these in the weekly staff e-bulletin!
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