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USS Defined Benefit Pension Scheme


From 1 April 2016 the benefits provided to you your pension scheme will change.

These changes will affect all members currently paying into, and building up benefits in the scheme. The contributions payable by you and your employer will also change.


The revised CRB section will provide a type of pension known as defined benefit (DB). This means it will pay retirement benefits based on the number of years (and days) you have been a member of the scheme and the salary upon which you have paid contributions in each of those years. It will work largely the same way as the current CRB section of the scheme. The revised CRB section will pay you an annual pension and a lump sum. 


The defined contribution (SC) section will provide an amount of money which is based on how much has been paid in by you and your employer during your membership, how those contributions are invested, and how well those investments have performed (after relevant charges have been applied). You will then be able to decide how to use that money to provide for your retirement. If you earn more than the salary threshold, you will automatically contribute to the DC section. This section will also be available if you are actively paying in to the scheme and wish to increase your pension saving in a flexible way, in addition to the pension you are building up in the revised CRB section.

Further sources of information

Enquiries about the scheme or about an individual's entitlements should be sent to

The registered office of the Trustee Company is:

Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited

3rd Floor
Royal Liver Building
L3 1PY

USS website 

Members may wish to up their pension using the USS Money Purchase AVC - please visit the following website for more information:

Prudential, the scheme’s AVC provider is introducing an early exit charge when Money Purchase AVC (MPAVC) funds are withdrawn within five years of such contributions having commenced. The charge will only apply to the funds of members who commence MPAVCs on or after 19 August 2012 - it will not apply to those who have commenced MPAVCs before that date.

Prudential website

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