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Human Resources

Clinical Excellence Awards

The National Clinical Excellence Awards round 2021 is running to a revised process due to the pandemic. This year, Universities will not be able to score and rank applications, and not be required to submit rankings of those applications and provide a citation as appropriate.

In line with the revised processes, should you wish to apply, Barts Health Trust have set an internal deadline for receipt of your application form of 12 noon on Thursday 18 February.  Please contact Janet Bradford, Barts Health Trust, if you intend to apply in the 2021 round.

Guidance on application can be found at:

ACCEA have set a deadline by which all applications must be submitted to them via their website (by the applicant) following the completion of all Barts Health Trust processes. For the 2021 round the ACCEA deadline is Thursday 18 March 2021 by 5pm.

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