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Clinical Excellence Awards

This year's round of the National Clinical Excellence Awards is now open from Thursday 7 February 2019 for the Clinical Academics in the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The full details for this can be found on ACCEA's website here: 

In order for the School to complete the process of scoring, ranking and writing citations ahead of the Universities UK deadline for Platinum applications, the internal deadline for the submission of applications from SMD will be 5pm on Thursday 7 March 2019. In light of the national deadlines, late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Please note that there is an earlier deadline for those who are submitting for a Platinum Award. The internal deadline for these applications is Monday 4 March at 12pm.

The final deadline for this year's submissions to ACCEA will be 5pm on Thursday 4 April 2019.

Clinical academics holding HCC with Trusts other than Barts Health should check with their own Trust regarding their own internal processes and deadlines.


How to Apply:

Before applying for an award or a renewal of your current award, it is important to read the guidance provided by ACCEA below, paying particular attention to the information regarding eligibility and how to navigate the online application process.

CEA Applicants Guide 2019 [PDF 212KB]

If you are wishing to submit an application to the National Clinical Excellence Awards this year, you will need to complete the application form labelled 'Form A' below.

CEA Form A for Applicants 2019 [DOC 23KB]

There are a further three forms that can be submitted as a continuation of Form A, based on the specific activity listed (Research & Innovation, Teaching & Training and Leadership & Management). If you wish to complete one of these extra forms, cannot be submitted separately and must be submitted along with Form A.

For Research & Innovation: CEA Form D for Applicants 2019 [DOC 14KB]

For Teaching & Training: CEA Form E for Applicants 2019 [DOC 17KB]

For Leadership & Management: CEA Form F for Applicants 2019 [DOC 17KB]


Platinum applications for the Support of the School must be submitted in Word format to, Reward and Benefits Administrator, by no later tham 12pm on Monday 4 March.

Applications for the support of the School must be submitted in Word format to by no later than 5pm on Thursday 7 March.

Applicants seeking employer support from Barts Health NHS Trust must be submitted in Word format to also by no later than 5pm on Thursday 7 March.


It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the main application form is completed and submitted online to ACCEA, and detailed instructions regarding completion can be found on the ACCEA website.

If you have any queries regarding applications requiring support from the School, please contact Rhianne Jones.

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