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A4 P45 – New format from April 2009

New A4 P45 forms have come in to effect from April 2009. These forms are a UK legislative change introduced by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and replace the old A5 P45s.

A P45 is the form an employee receives when they stop working for QMUL. It is a record of the pay and the tax that has been deducted so far in the tax year. A P45 has four parts - part 1, part 1A, part 2 and part 3. Part 1 will now be sent electronically by QMUL HR Department to HMRC. The other 3 parts are given to the employee.

The new versions of the form include the date of birth and gender fields. This information has real benefits for QMUL as it will help HMRC match an employee’s information to their records when the forms are processed and reduce the number of queries to QMUL.

The new P45 form will be printed onto white A4 paper, using black ink. A blank copy of the new form is available for you to view from here.

Employees may not recognise the new forms. Please be reassured that the form P45 has only changed in appearance and, apart from the new fields mentioned above, the information requested and the procedures around it remain unchanged.

If you have any queries about these new forms or the P45 procedures please contact your Payroll Officer.

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