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Human Resources

Tier 2

Tier 2 is the main category in which Queen Mary can employ skilled workers from outside the European Economic Area.  In order to be eligible to employ an individual on a Tier 2 visa numerous procedures must be followed precisely. Only if we meet these criteria can we sponsor an individual under Tier 2.  Below is each step of the process: 

  • The job must meet the Home Office's minimum skill level and salary requirements;
  • If necessary, the job must meet the requirements of the Resident Labour Market Test;
  • The rules concerning the selection process must have been followed;
  • The individual must be eligible to apply for a Tier 2 visa;
  • HR must obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship for the individual;
  • The individual must successfully apply for a visa;
  • Prior to commencement and throughout employment, the Department and employee must comply with the Sponsor Duties set out by the Home Office.

Recruiting International Staff

If you are due to recruit to a job that you believe will attract candidates who may require sponsorship you will need to make sure that all aspects of the job meet the necessary requirements set out above.  The below guidance will assist you through the process of recruiting non-EEA candidates. 

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