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The Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) is designed to inform the Home Office about the type of work that a sponsored worker is undertaking.  The migrant's employment section of the CoS details the following information about your job:

  • Job Title
  • Job type. This is the Standard Occupational Class (SOC) code and professional level of your job. 
  • Job Description

Your Tier 2 visa only allows you to do the work detailed on your Certificate of Sponsorship, supplementary employment under strict conditions (see below) and voluntary work.

Undertaking work outside your sponsored role

The Home Office does permit sponsored workers to undertake supplementary work and / or to volunteer.  However, you should be aware that there are strict conditions that restrict what you may do.  Supplementary employment is permitted where the additional employment is:

  • in the same profession as the job specified on your Certificate of Sponsorship or in a job which is on the 'shortage occupation list’
  • at the same professional level as the job specified on your Certificate of Sponsorship, e.g. paid at the same level
  • for no more than 20 hours per week
  • outside the working hours covered by your Certificate of Sponsorship

Please Note: The Home Office views University research and teaching as different professions. If you are a University researcher you are permitted to take up teaching as supplementary employment if teaching is noted as a duty on your Certificate of Sponsorship.

Your visa will permit you to undertake voluntary work, such as work for a charitable organisation, however, please note that unpaid work within the University would not be considered voluntary work. If you are unsure whether activities would be considered as voluntary work, you should check with HR before you undertake the work in question.

Your visa also allows you to study. There is no limit on the number of hours that you may study but it must not interfere with your sponsored job.

Secondary Employment

The Home Office considers any additional work that does not fulfil the above criteria to be Secondary Employment.  You will need to seek their permission to undertake Secondary Employment, and it may need additional sponsorship. 

As an individual sponsored under Tier 2, once you have used your Certificate of Sponsorship to gain leave to enter or remain in the UK and you have started work you are permitted to take other employment which does not meet the supplementary employment criteria.

Any secondary employment must be with a licensed sponsor and you must be able to meet the criteria relevant to the category in which their secondary employment falls.  The secondary employer must then assign a new Certificate of Sponsorship so that you can submit a fresh application to vary your existing leave.

Undertaking Secondary Employment without permission will be considered a breach of the conditions of your leave. 

Please consult HR before you undertake any additional work to ensure that you are no in breach of the terms of your visa. 


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