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Human Resources

Skilled Worker Visa

The Skilled Worker visa is the primary route for international workers to enter the UK.  Much like it's predecessor, the Tier 2 visa, this route is sponsored and the University must meet certain requirments before we can offer an individual sponsorship. 

A Skilled Worker visa is granted by the Home Office when:

  • an appointment meets the sponsorship requirements set out below;
  • the hiring manager has submitted a request for sponsorship to Human Resources;
  • Human Resources provide a Certificate of Sponsorship;
  • A visa application is submitted by the sponsored individual which meets the Home Office eligibility requirements
Those eligible for sponsorship will be provided with a Certificate of Sponsorship for the duration of their appointment up to a maximum of 5 years.
There is no limit to the time that can be spent sponsored under the Skilled Worker visa, but individuals may be eligible to apply to stay permanently after 5 years of continuous residence in the UK.  

Requirements For Sponsorship

The Skilled Worker route no longer requires a Resident Labour Market Test to be conducted before sponsorship can be considered but all recruitment must be in line with the Queen Mary's recruitment and selection policy.  All post should be advertised for at least 14 days and evidence of the shortlisting and interview process must be uploaded to igrasp before an offer is authorised. 

In order to apply for a Skilled Worker visa the individual will require a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). This is an electronic document issued by the Home Office.  It is the responsibility of the hiring department, not the individual, to request a Certificate of Sponsorship from Human Resources.

Below is an overview of the requirements for sponsorship under the Skilled Worker route.

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