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Human Resources

Senior Appointments

The British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and The Royal Society provide an accelerated endorsement process for individuals appointed to eligible senior academic or research positions at UK higher education institutions (HEI) or eligible research institutes. This process offers greater certainty for applicants who have received a job offer that they will be endorsed.

To apply using this accelerated process you must provide a statement of guarantee from the Director of Human Resources or equivalent of the appointing HEI or eligible research institute. It should be dated and confirm that the recruitment process for your appointment met the below list of criteria:

  • that the employing organisation is a UK HEI or research institute listed on the UK Academies list of eligible organisations available below;
  • that the job was advertised and an open competition was held for the position (applications where there was not an open competition may be considered providing all other criteria are met and a reasonable explanation is provided for that decision);
  • that a job offer of an eligible senior academic or research position at the host institution has been made and accepted (please specify the position and Department). (Eligible senior positions are Professor, Associate Professor, Reader, or equivalent positions such as Senior Group Leader, at a UK HEI or research institute);
  • that at least three references were required and received;
  • at least four senior academic representatives from the host institution were present on the interview panel;
  • that at least one senior external expert in a relevant field, who is not employed by the host institution, was consulted during the recruitment process (either participating in the interview or by providing written input.
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