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Human Resources

Individual Fellowships

The British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and The Royal Society provide an accelerated endorsement process to international awardees of specific peer reviewed research fellowships from:

  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and its Councils;
  • British Heart Foundation;
  • Cancer Research UK;
  • National Institute for Health Research;
  • Wellcome Trust;
  • Academy of Medical Sciences;
  • British Academy;
  • Royal Academy of Engineering; and
  • The Royal Society.

The full list of eligible fellowships is published on the Royal Society's website.

These have already undergone a stringent peer review process, considered to be equivalent to those of the Academies. If you currently hold one of the Fellowships named on the accelerated list, or have held it within the 12 months directly prior to the date of application for endorsement, you can apply through the accelerated process (Fast Track) and be assured of an endorsement. 

Your fellowship awarding body may provide you with additional guidance to support your application.

Please check carefully whether your fellowship award appears on the list. Holders of other fellowships or grants not on the list must apply following the standard process.

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