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Promoting positive mental health in the workplace

Mental health is the mental and emotional state in which we feel able to cope with normal pressures of everyday life. Positive mental health is rarely an absolute state. Factors both in and out of work affect the mental health of staff and move them up or down a spectrum that ranges from good to poor.

Anyone can suffer a period of mental ill health. It can emerge suddenly, as a result of a specific event, or gradually, where it worsens over time. It can range from feeling stressed to common conditions such as anxiety and depression and, in limited cases, to sever mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

The Government’s Department of Health advises that one in four of us with experience mental ill health at some point in our lives. Staff with positive mental health are more likely to work productively, interact with colleagues and adapt to changes in the workplace. Staff who feel unable to talk to their manager about their mental health may attend work when they are too ill to carry out their duties, which may be a health and safety risk.

Find out more about what resources Queen Mary has to support mental health at work below.

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