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Workstation (DSE) Guidance for Temporary Working from Home

Staff that are required to work from home on a temporary basis should assess their workstation as far as is reasonably practicable.

All staff are required to complete a workstation assessment on MySafety. The assessment asks staff to consider whether they are required to work from home and tailors the assessment accordingly. If you have not previously addressed working from home in your workstation assessment, you can review this and complete a new assessment. Guidance on how to do this on MySafety can be seen here. If you are unable to re-visit or complete your assessment online then you can access it here.

Top tips for using a laptop or tablet when working from home:-

In order to achieve a good working posture you should:

  • Sit at a table rather than on the sofa or in bed
  • Raise the laptop screen to eye level, using a laptop raiser
  • Attach a separate keyboard and mouse
  • Adopt a good sitting position in order to avoid straining wrists, arms, neck or back
  • Sit directly in front of your screen (i.e. avoid twisting positions)
  • Take regular breaks to stretch and stand up
  • Avoid glare and reflected light

Further information on the correct workstation setup can be seen here

If you are a line manager and require further guidance on any issue raised by a member of your team in their workstation assessment please refer to the DSE section here


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