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Covid Health Assessment

Working on Campus: Covid-19 Health Assessment

A Covid-19 assessment form should be completed by all staff either currently working on campus, or planning to return to campus.

If you have previously completed a Covid-19 assessment, you do not need to resubmit an assessment form, unless:

• you have moved to a new job role;
• there has been a significant change to your health or weight; or
• you have completed a previous assessment which advised that you should not return to campus at that time.

For those staff who completed an assessment form in the past where Occupational Health advised they should not return to work, a further form should be completed when you are considering returning to the campus and an updated assessment will be made.

The form can be accessed here: 

Instructions for completing the form and next steps:

• Please follow the instructions in the form and answer the questions listed.
• In the free text box ‘Job Role’, please add your job title in full AND your Department/School/Institute.
• The online system will automatically calculate your level of risk and Covid age, based on the information you provide. More information about risk levels and Covid age can be found on the landing page of the form.
• If the online system calculates that you are at lower risk, your answers will generate a report which will be sent to you by email. It is your responsibility to confirm to your line manager in writing that you have completed the assessment, your level of risk, and that you do not require an Occupational Health referral ahead of working on campus.
• If you are identified as at higher risk, the assessment will trigger a referral to Occupational Health for a video consultation. Occupational Health will contact you direct. Following your meeting with an Occupational Health, a report will be produced identifying any control measures that are required to be put in place to reduce your level of risk, for example the type of personal protective equipment you should be provided with. You will be asked to give your consent during the consultation before the report is shared with your line manager.

If you have any questions, please contact Occupational Health direct: 

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