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Academic Promotion

Academic Promotions  - is closed to applications, however the process is ongoing and will run until August 2018.

The application form for Academic Promotions 2018 is provided below:

Academic Promotions Guidance Notes 2018....Jan 18 version [DOC 128KB]

Academic Promotion Application Document 2018 [DOC 92KB]

The application form should have now been returned to Andrew Wright (Interim Reward Manager) and will be in the prelimnary panel stage.

The 2018 Academic Promotions Round will consider:

Promotion to Senior Lecturer (for Academic staff currently on Academic Grades 5 or 6)
Conferment of title of Reader (for Academic staff currently on Academic Grades 5, 6 or 7)
Conferment of title of Professor (for Academic staff currently on Academic Grades 5, 6 or 7) 
Promotion to Research Grade 7 or above* (for Research staff currently on Research Grades 6)

*exceptional cases only and employee will stay on research terms and conditions

The Academic Promotions Coordinator is our Reward Manager, Andrew Wright, contact email (Direct line 0207 882 7977) who can be contacted with any queries with regards to the process or procedure of the promotions round. Advice on your readiness to apply for promotion should be sought from your Manager.

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