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Temporary Contracts

QMUL has two sorts of temporary contracts:

  1. Temporary Part Year staff who are not on timesheets
  2. Temporary Part Year staff who are on timesheets.

'Temporary contracts' is the name QMUL uses for short-term fixed-term contracts. The maximum period for a temporary contract varies:

  • temporary contracts must not normally extend beyond 6 months

For both types of Temporary Part Year staff the post must be submitted via i-GRasp for approval. For those on timesheets, regular timesheets must be submitted to HR. Please note that Temporary Part Year staff should be paid on a spinal point within the QM Pay and Grading Structure and should not be paid 'off-scale'. For those paid on timesheets, their hourly rate should be the equivalent to a spinal point. 

Staff on temporary contracts have all the legal protection that applies to staff employed on a fixed-term contract - it is unlawful to treat them less favourably than comparable permanent staff. Please note that temporary staff may receive an incremental increase should they meet the eligibility criteria. 

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