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Contracts, terms and conditions

These pages describe the kinds of employment contract that the College uses and how these are most appropriately deployed. Find out:

  • how to offer lawful contracts appropriate to the kind of role the employee is undertaking
  • advice on which contract will be most appropriate 
  • the consequences of issuing successive fixed-term contracts 
  • how to amend [or end] the contracts of staff lawfully.

The information from these web pages is also available in a single PDF document: “QMUL Contracts of Employment [PDF 137KB]” This document is one in a series of “Key Concept” documents which describe the ideas that underlie the College’s Codes of Practice on HR issues.

The HR site also has other web-pages that deal with the processes that Schools, Institutes and Departments should carry out when an employee's fixed-term contract is approaching its expiry date. 

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