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Queen Mary’s Performance and Development Appraisal Scheme, applies to all members of staff except for those who have been appraised as part of the joint academic and clinical appraisal scheme, or who fall into the following categories: 

  • Clinical staff who require revalidation (the online Trust system should be used for this purpose)
  • Individuals with honorary status
  • Temporary staff (on contracts less than one year)
  • Staff currently on probation (the probationary procedure will apply)

Although appraisal conversations should take place regularly throughout the year, an annual recording of those conversations normally take place from May through July.  

This page links you with information to help you make the most of your appraisal conversations. The first part deals with how the appraisal conversation should be structured and the second part with recording on the e-system.  

1. The basics of appraisal 

Some useful guides:

Getting Started is a brief document summarising both the appraisal process and the e-system. This is the essential core introduction to both the appraisal process and the e-system with a series of group-specific messages – (eg to faculties on how to transition to the new system or how to incorporate other documentation). 

Getting Started [PDF 431KB]  

For a full overview of the principles and practice of a positive appraisal conversation, please read the Guidelines which include example objectives and a dummy completed form. They are written for both appraisers and appraisees.
Appraisal Guidelines [PDF 504KB]  

Appraisal training is available for staff and includes a brief demonstration of the e-appraisal system. This can be booked via the Professional Development online booking system:    

2. Recording the appraisal - the e-system

An online form for conducting staff appraisals has been created which is available to all eligible staff. Logging on is simple and secure – use your QMUL username and password to access the system, via the link on the right hand side of this page            

3. Resources

There are Frequently Asked Questions here 

System Guidelines

Appraisal System Guidelines [PDF 891KB]  
Appraisal Usage Report User Guide [PDF 424KB]  

Screen casts

1. Complete the Appraisal Form
2. Share and Close the Form
3. Finalising the Appraisal Form
4. Save as Print Friendly PDF
5. Add Attachments
6. My Notes
7. Appraiser Process - My Team
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