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PensionsPlus Now Live!

20 November 2009

Queen Mary, University of London has introduced PensionsPlus.  It is not another pension scheme - it's simply a more effective way of paying into your current pension scheme.

The College is always looking for ways to improve your benefits package.  We want to make sure it offers you good value and makes the most of your money.  At the same time, it's important that the College makes the most of its money by providing your benefits efficiently.

Almost all employees in the SAUL or USS pension schemes will make National Insurance (NI) savings on their contributions to the scheme.  If you opt for Pensions Plus, your NI contributions will be smaller.  Members of the NHS pension Scheme cannot participate because this scheme has not made changes to allow this.  As a result, contributions in this scheme will stay the same as they are currently.

We launched Pensions Plus in November 2009. For more information



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