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New temporary contracts and Personal Details Form

28 August 2009

Queen Mary’s Human Resources department is introducing three new contracts to replace the current ones for temporary employees and Teaching Assistants (formerly known as purple, blue and yellow contracts). The new contracts are to be used in conjunction with a new "Personal Details Form" which is designed to capture in a single place all the information the College needs about its staff to (a) put them on the payroll  (b) comply with HMRC regulations (c) gather the data required for the College's HESA returns.

Rather than being identified by a colour, the new contracts have names that describe their function. Thus in future there will be a Temporary Contract for Hourly Paid TAs (replacing the “yellow” contract); a Temporary Contract for Staff on Time-sheets (replacing the “blue” and “purple” contracts where these are used in conjunction with time-sheets); and a  Temporary/Part-year Contract (replacing the “blue” and “purple” contracts where these are NOT used in conjunction with time-sheets).

The HR Department has also updated its Time-sheet form and its Student Demonstrator Claim Form.



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