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New Personal Details Form

28 July 2014

The HR Personal Details Form has been revised to ensure that we are collecting correct data as required by HESA. This includes revised ethnic origin categories and new categories to capture current academic disciplines, academic teaching qualifications and clinical specialties. 


The new form can be found here.


Schools, Institutes and Departments are advised that they should not save the new version of the form on their desktop as the form is always being updated. If staff regularly need access to this form they should bookmark the link to the form on the HR website thereby ensuring they are always using the most up to date version of the form.

Personal Details Forms are required for anybody wishing to be paid via payroll and must be completed in full.

The Equal Opportunities section must be completed by everyone (regardless of their QMUL employment status including casuals, one-offs, etc.). There are ‘Prefer not to Say’ boxes that individuals can tick if they do not wish to share this information but they must not leave this section blank.

Please note that anyone wishing to be paid via a one-off payment claim form must also fully complete this form as per the above advice, although there are some sections which they are exempt from completing – these sections are highlighted on the form itself – but all other sections must be completed.

Any forms received that have not been filled out correctly will be either be returned to the individual for completion or HR will contact the relevant person for clarification.


HR will stop accepting any forms that pre-date this version from 18th August 2014. This will ensure we stop asking individuals for data that we no longer require but capture what we do need.



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