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QMOUT Event: LGBT+ Parenting Discussion & Networking Event

QMOUT hosted a panel discussion and networking event on 29th May, entitled "How does the UK system rank compared to the US in supporting LGBTQ parenting?".

3 June 2018

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The panel consisted of a range of guest speakers, including Michael Newton from The P3 Network, a charitable organisation supporting LGBT+ and non-traditional families across the UK.

The audience heard stories of LGBT+ parenting experiences with both the UK and US systems, with the panellists giving advice and guidance on current legislation in both countries. Panellist, Michael Newton, provided information on the support offered by The P3 Network, inclusive of LGBT+ parents, parents of LGBT+ children, and non-traditional/underrepresented families.

QMOUT would like to thank the all of the panellists and audience for a great event!

Are you a parent/prospective parent from a non-traditional background? Find out more about The P3 Network's work and events here.

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