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Find out information about sexual orientation at Queen Mary, including information about the staff network and support and advice for students.

QMUL objectives on sexual orientation

QM has a dedicated objective on sexual orientation to ensure that staff and students can be themselves whilst at work/study at QM. We work towards eliminating discrimination, harassment and bullying as well as promoting awareness.

Please visit our objective page for more information:


LGBT History Month

The Diversity Team have disseminated Rainbow flags and posters to all schools, keep an eye out for these in your local Receptions and send us photos via our Social Media Accounts.

Support for staff at QMUL

QMUL offers a number of benefits for all its staff. This includes generous leave policies, access to a confidential employee assistance programme - Workplace options, which provides advice on topics such as civil partnership and marriage, financial queries, parenting, etc. It also offers free counseling. We also have a nursery and a gym onsite. Find out more on:

Dignity at Work Policy

For information about the Dignity at Work policy at QMUL and how to deal with any bullying and harassment please see here.  


QM Out - LGBT Staff Network


To be added to QMOut mailing list, email  the mailing list is confidential and only the administrator of Sympa has access to it.
Please consult the staff network page here. The group organise awareness raising events as well as social events.

Monitoring of staff Sexual Orientation 

In Summer 2012, Queen Mary started recording staff sexual orientation as part of our commitment to equality and diversity. 

Why do we need this information?

We want to gather data which will enable us to measure the representation, progress, recruitment and retention of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) staff within the workforce. It may also help us identify any obstacles within organisational structures or procedures and modify these accordingly to promote equality of opportunity.

It’s difficult to get policies, procedures and services right if we have no idea of the numbers of staff affected by these issues.

Queen Mary wants to promote an environment where staff can be happy and comfortable in expressing themselves at work. Part of this may include an employee’s sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act we therefore need to do more than react to allegations and instances of discrimination.

The Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) will be starting to gather data about LGB representation.

We collected staff sexual orientation on the last Staff Attitude survey and received a good response rate of disclosure.

How can I update my details?

You can update your details via myHR, in the personal details section

For new starters, the information is collected on the personal details form.

Who will be able to access this information?

Only a small number of staff will access this information. The Diversity Team will have access to anonymous aggregated data on staff sexual orientation. Some HR administrators will have access to this information to input it on our computer system when it has been shared in circumstances such a new recruit.

This information is protected under data protection legislation. QMUL will not publish data from which the content of the declaration of an employee can be inferred.

The data will not be viewed by your managers or your colleagues and will never be used for job selection or promotion.

What if I do not want to disclose my sexual orientation?

We would like to you to encourage colleagues to disclose, as it is important that we have a complete set of data. There will be an option not to disclose information.

Where can I get more information?

Stonewall, which is the premier LGB charity, has produced a very useful guide on data monitoring and why organisations need this information that you can access here.

You can contact the Diversity Specialist if you have any questions or consult the equality webpages.

Who can I contact about this?

If you have queries, please contact the Diversity Team on

Stonewall Diversity Champion programme

QMUL is part of Stonewall Diversity Champion programme, which help employers and service providers promoting equality for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual people.
To find out more about the programme, please visit:

There are many free seminar staff can attend, please contact the Diversity Team to book the list is available on:


Student - Sexual orientation monitoring

In 2012, we introduced monitoring of our student sexual orientation. Queen Mary collects this data as part of our commitment to promote equality and diversity. This enables us to measure the recruitment, representation, progress, and retention of our students, reports on our Equality data are available on:
Please be reassured your data will be kept confidential and only available to relevant staff. Have a look below about initiatives and support for students.
If you have any questions, contact

Student representatives and society

QM Student Union has a student “liberation officer” for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender student, please contact him/her if you have any query, would like to be involved or have any issues to raise:

Please visit the student union website for more information:

Queen Mary also has a LGBT student society:!/QMSULGBT

Stonewall University Guide Book

Queen Mary was ranked in the last Stonewall University Guide Book.

Please find below some information about the Guide book and where you can find information, advice and support at Queen Mary.

Stonewall Guide Book "Gay by Degree"

Advice, Welfare and Counseling Service:

Career Service:

School of Law: Pink Law - Free legal advice for the LGBT community

Every month, the law school deliver free legal advice session for the Gay Community and for Business, where student and staff can go if they wish so, on the following topic:
• Employment discrimination
• Cohabitation
• Civil partnerships
• Immigration

Useful Guides and Website:

Please find below further external information and links, Queen Mary legal advice centre has contributed to some of them.

Global working: Supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual staff on overseas assignments [PDF 831KB] 
An overview on employment protections for LGB people [PDF 1,131KB]  
Monitoring - What's it got to do with you [PDF 476KB]  
Civil Partnership Guide - Stonewall [PDF 1,218KB]  
Galop Guide on homophobic and transphobic hate crime [PDF 347KB]  
Consenting to Sex - what the law says Galop guide [PDF 328KB]  

Stonewall : working to promote equality for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People

Galop: Community safety charity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people




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