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Promotions Done Better

A programme for BAME Academic Staff*

The Programme

The aim of the programme is to facilitate BAME Academic Staff at Queen Mary University in identifying personal strategies and innovative practices for achieving academic promotion and developing their careers. This first Programme will be aimed at BAME Academic staff only. There will be a second Programme, and this will be aimed at BAME Professional Staff at a later date.

We have chosen to target BAME academics because the barriers faced by BAME staff, in general, and, academics in particular, in gaining promotion are disproportionately more significant than those faced by the other academics.

‘Promotion Done Better’ is, a positive action programme designed to ensure that academic staff from BAME backgrounds are enabled and encouraged to participate in the promotions programme and receive the same career opportunities as other academics at Queen Mary University.

The Programme has been designed to coincide with the review of the Academic Promotions framework at Queen Mary University. We know that representation of BAME Academic in the senior grades is less than it should be and suggests there are barriers in the promotion process that hinder BAME Academics disproportionately. If the review is to be a success, it must address these barriers to ensure that BAME Academics can progress and access the highest levels of the organisation in the same way as other Academic staff. 

Those who participate in the programme will have an opportunity to contribute to the Academic Promotions framework review in a number of ways. Specifically, by providing direct evidence of their experience of barriers to promotion and by recommending improvements. A report will also be submitted as part of the review. This will summarise the views and opinions of all those who participated in ‘Promotion Done Better’ and make key recommendation to improve the recruitment and promotion chances of BAME academics at Queen Mary University. 

The Sessions

Session 1: It’s personal, building confidence

This session will be devoted to identifying the barriers that staff feel prevent them from progressing or, even, feeling valued at the University. It will also be an opportunity to look at confidence building as a strategy.

Session 2: Do you understand the system?

This session will be devoted to providing participants with a good understanding of the policies that relate to the barriers they face. This will allow them to assess how well or badly these policies are working and to propose solutions to improve them in such a way that will remove barriers. Importantly, it will also help staff begin to think about the role they have to play to ensure the best outcomes for themselves.

Session 3: Time for a change

This session will be devoted to designing an action plan to address one single personal barrier identified by each participant. Each person will be asked to identify a barrier that they consider holds them back in the workplace. Then they will be asked to create an action plan, real or notional, to remove that barrier. Information from that action plan will feed into review of the Academic Promotions framework to address the under-representation of BAME Academics in senior academic positions.  

Following on from the sessions academic staff will be offered support to evaluate their own personal development.

On completion of the Programme, Dr Stuart will write a report that will identify the key barriers that BAME academics face when seeking promotion and make recommendations that will be fed into the Academic Promotion Framework review.


There is no current intake for this programme.


* BAME is an abbreviation of black, Asian and minority ethnic and is used in the United Kingdom to refer to people who are not white. While we recognise that many people will use other terms to identify this group of people, for simplicity and consistency we have chosen to use this term.


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