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Gender Self-Assessment Team

The university Gender Self-Assessment Team oversees the strategic direction and implementation of Athena SWAN charter principles and related practices throughout the university. Led by the Vice Principal, Science and Engineering, its membership is made up of the Chairs of departmental self- assessment teams as well as staff and student representation from the faculties and departments within the university. The Diversity & Inclusion Team promotes and co-ordinates Athena SWAN activities across the university.

The current membership of the University Gender Self-Assessment Team is as follows;



Professor Edmund Burke -Vice Principal for Science and Engineering

Chair of Athena SWAN

Dalia Dasgupta

Interim HR Director

Sandra Brown

Diversity and Inclusion Manager and Athena SWAN Project Manager

Samantha Holborn

HR Partner - Science & Engineering

Anne Parry

Faculty Operating Officer

Karen Condon

Internal Communications Officer, Marketing And Communications

Dr Rui-Pires Martins

Researcher Development Adviser (Postdocs, Research Staff)

Monique Arthur

Strategic Planning Office

Dr Shabnam Beheshti

Chair – School of Mathematics SAT

Dr Jeanne Wilson

Dr Costis Papageorgakis

Chair and Co-Chair - School of Physics and Astronomy SAT

Dr Angelika Stollewerk

Chair - School of Biological and Chemical Sciences – EDI Committee

Dr Laurissa Tokarchuk

Dr Nikos Tzevelekos

Chair and Co-Chair School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Lei Su

Dr Nuria Gavara

Chair and Co-Chair School of Engineering and Materials Science SAT

Dr Maralyn Druce

Chair - School of Medicine SAT

Dr Melissa Chan

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Mangala Patel

Chair - Institute of Dentistry SAT

Dr Sharanbir Sidhu

Women in Science & Engineering Staff Advisor

Dr Clive Gaby

Chair - School of Politics and International Relations

Professor Alastair Owens

Dr Anna Dulic-Sills

Chair and Co Chair – School of Geography EDI Committee

Zi Parker

Doctoral College

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Secretary to the group

Postgraduate student and WISE representative




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