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Payroll and Pensions

Payroll and Pensions staff contacts

The Payroll and Pensions team manage and ensure the effective provision of the payroll and pensions services.



Name Role Telephone extension (13)
Dominic Burchnall Payroll Manager 7705
Zakir Ahmed Senior Pensions Officer 7706
Rodger Hook Pensions Officer 3172
Coleen Newson Senior Payroll Officer 7708
Elaine Whitmee HR Payroll Officer 7714
Andrea Modeste HR Payroll Officer 7713
Darren Goodley HR Payroll Officer 7712
Wanda Cottage HR Payroll Officer 7715


Postal address:

Pay and Pensions
Human Resources
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End
London, E1 4NS

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