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Occupational Health

Occupational Health is a distinct branch of preventative health care, which works to promote health in the workplace and forms part of the overall health and safety management system, focusing on the management of work related health risks. This can include the prevention of work/study related ill health, facilitating rehabilitation after illness and injury, and promoting physical and mental wellbeing. Occupational Health provides advice to all levels of the College.

Name Role Telephone extension (13)
Marcia Bennett-Pompey Occupational Health Manager - Specialist Practitioner 8700
Victoria Nwalozie Occupational Health Advisor - Specialist Practitioner  8700 
Joyce Sisimayi Occupational Health Advisor - Specialist Practitioner 8700
Amina Begum Occupational Health Administrator 8700
Ann Turner Occupational Health Administrator (Tues - Fri) 7207
Peace Ibeonu Occupational Health Advisor 8700
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