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Name and email Role Tel
Zakir Ahmed Senior Pensions Officer 7706
Susan Arbuckle HR Administrator - SMD 5991
Carole Arjoon HR Administrator - Professional Services 7541
Margaret Ayers Director of HR   (Currently on Maternity leave) 6592
Mohini Badiani Team Leader - SMD 7361
Serena Bancroft Assistant HR Partner - Professional Services 7884
Amina Begum Occupational Health Services Administrator 8700
Sume Begum HR Administrator - Humanities & Social Social Sciences ( Mon, Tue, Wed) 3168 
Marcia Bennett-Pompey Occupational Health Manager 8700
Sophie Blau HR Administrator - Professional Services (Tue, Wed, Thur), please use hr-ps-admin for work-related issues 3729
Kelly Bol Reward Manager 7977
Sue Brosnan Head of HR Operations - Professional Services 3727
Sandra Brown Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager 5585
Paul Byrne International Employment & Compliance Officer 3169
Wanda Cottage Payroll Officer 7715
Dalia Dasgupta Interim HR Director 6591
Kathleen Di Giorgio PA to HR Director/Office Manager 6592 
Louise Dokkari Assistant HR Partner - Professional Services 3155
Carol Evans Assistant HR Partner - SMD 8107
Lorraine Farrugia HR Partner - Estates & Facilities 8616
Joanne Fowler Personal Development adviser (Currently on Maternity leave) 2807
Iris Godding Professional Development adviser 2811
Darren Goodley Payroll Officer 7712
Marissa Harris Head of HR Operations - SMD 8992
Samantha Holborn Acting Head of HR Operations - Humanities & Social Sciences and Science & Engineering 3735
Rodger Hook Pensions Officer 3172
Peace Ibeonu Occupational Health Adviser 8700
Gulshin Ijaz Organisational Development Manager 3171
Shahida Kalam HR Administrator - Professional Services 7863
Eleri Kallarackal Assistant HR Partner - SMD (Currently on Maternity leave) 8993
Alastair Kelly Deputy Director of HR 3736
Donna Kemp HR Administrator (Mon-Wed) SMD 5170
Natasha Laurent HR Team Leader Professional Services 7537
Carol Malcolm Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Co-ordinator (Wed - Fri) 5519
Lee McNally Head of Enabling Services 2575
Melanie Medley Employee Relations Manager 7433
Andrea Modeste Payroll Officer 7713
Coleen Newson Senior Payroll Officer 7708
Victoria Nwalozie Occupational Health Adviser - Specialist Practioner 8706
Shoyeb Osbourne Assistant HR Partner - SMD (Maternity cover) 8993
Temitayo Owoka Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer 7709
Rachael Pagett Personal Development adviser 2807
Shilpa Parmar HR Administrator - SMD 5992
Christopher Peatfield HR Administrator - SMD 3488
Nicola Peatfield Interim HR Partner - Humanities & Social Sciences 5120
Tony Pettit Head of Payroll and Pensions 7705
Lyn Pluck Receptionist  3697
Rita Prajapati Assistant HR Partner - Humanities & Social Sciences (Maternity Cover) 3725
Jessica Rehinsi Assistant HR Partner - Humanities & Social Sciences (currently on Maternity leave) 3725
Ian Roberts Head of Leadership and Professional Development 2813
Rob Robson HR Information Officer 3734
Vacant HR Services Manager  
Kathryn Schofield Administrator - Professional Development 2811
Khaleda Shahid HR Administrator - Humanities & Social Sciences 5121
Joyce Sisimayi Occupational Health Adviser 8700
Lorraine Smith Professional Development adviser 3009
Hannah Somers HR Team Leader - Humanities & Social Sciences & Science & Engineering  3647
Jackie Stern HR Administrator - Science & Engineering 5119
Angela Trim-Wynter HR Administrator - Science & Engineering 5121
Ann Turner Occupational Health Services Administrator 8700
David Wallace Professional Development adviser 2807
Elaine Whitmee Payroll Officer 7714
Sarah Williams HR Administrator - Professional Services (Mon & Fri) 3729 
Francesca Yarnit Administrator - Professional Development (currently on Maternity leave) 2815


Postal Address:
Human Resources
Room WG9
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End
E1 4NS

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