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Name and email Role Tel
Zakir Ahmed Senior Pensions Officer 7706
Susan Arbuckle HR Administrator - SMD 5991
Carole Arjoon HR Administrator - Professional Services 7541
Margaret Ayers Director of HR   (Currently on Maternity leave) 6592
Mohini Badiani Team Leader - SMD 7361
Serena Bancroft Assistant HR Partner - Professional Services 7884
Amina Begum Occupational Health Services Administrator 8700
Sume Begum HR Administrator -  Professional Services (Mon, Tue, Wed,) Please use hr-ps-admin for work related issues 3729
Marcia Bennett-Pompey Occupational Health Manager 8700
Sophie Blau HR Administrator - Professional Services ( Wed, Thur), please use hr-ps-admin for work-related issues 3729
Sue Brosnan Head of HR Operations - Professional Services 3727
Sandra Brown Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager 5585
Dominic Burchnall Payroll Manager 7705
Paul Byrne International Employment & Compliance Officer 3169
Wanda Cottage Payroll Officer 7715
Dalia Dasgupta Interim HR Director 6591
Kathleen Di Giorgio PA to HR Director/Office Manager 6592 
Louise Dokkari Assistant HR Partner - Professional Services 3155
Carol Evans Assistant HR Partner - SMD 8107
Lorraine Farrugia HR Partner - Estates & Facilities 8616
Joanne Fowler Personal Development adviser (Currently on Maternity leave) 2807
Iris Godding Professional Development adviser 2811
Darren Goodley Payroll Officer 7712
Marissa Harris Head of HR Operations - SMD 8992
Samantha Holborn Acting Head of HR Operations - Humanities & Social Sciences and Science & Engineering 3735
Rodger Hook Pensions Officer 3172
Peace Ibeonu Occupational Health Adviser 8700
Gulshin Ijaz Organisational Development Manager 3171
Shahida Kalam HR Administrator - Professional Services 7863
Eleri Kallarackal Assistant HR Partner - SMD (Currently on Maternity leave) 8993
Alastair Kelly Deputy Director of HR 3736
Donna Kemp HR Administrator (Mon-Wed) SMD 5170
Natasha Laurent HR Team Leader Professional Services 7537
Suzanne Lopez - Barillas Interim Employee Relations Manager 7433
Carol Malcolm Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Co-ordinator (Wed - Fri) 5519
Lee McNally Head of Enabling Services 2575
Andrea Modeste Payroll Officer 7713
Coleen Newson Senior Payroll Officer 7708
Victoria Nwalozie Occupational Health Adviser - Specialist Practioner 8706
Shoyeb Osbourne Assistant HR Partner - SMD (Maternity cover) 8993
Temitayo Owoka Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer 7709
Rachael Pagett Personal Development adviser 2807
Shilpa Parmar HR Administrator - SMD 5992
vacant HR Administrator - SMD 3488
Nicola Peatfield Interim HR Partner - Humanities & Social Sciences 5120
Lyn Pluck Receptionist  3697
Rita Prajapati Assistant HR Partner - Humanities & Social Sciences (Maternity Cover) 3725
Jessica Rehinsi Assistant HR Partner - Humanities & Social Sciences (currently on Maternity leave) 3725
Maggie Reid Interim Reward Manager 7977
Ian Roberts Head of Leadership and Professional Development 2813
Rob Robson HR Information Officer 3734
Vacant HR Services Manager  
Kathryn Schofield Administrator - Professional Development 2811
Khaleda Shahid HR Administrator - Humanities & Social Sciences 5121
Joyce Sisimayi Occupational Health Adviser 8700
Lorraine Smith Professional Development adviser 3009
Hannah Somers HR Team Leader - Humanities & Social Sciences & Science & Engineering  3647
Jackie Stern HR Administrator - Science & Engineering 5119
Angela Trim-Wynter HR Administrator - Science & Engineering 5121
Ann Turner Occupational Health Services Administrator 8700
David Wallace Professional Development adviser 2807
Elaine Whitmee Payroll Officer 7714


Postal Address:
Human Resources
Room WG9
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End
E1 4NS

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