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For those who manage staff:

Managing Work Related Stress. Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive; HSE stress toolkit

Line Managers’ Resource; A practical guide to managing and supporting people with mental health problems in the workplace

Stress Risk Assessment:  

MHSS Remploy Presentation [PDF 1,204KB]

For all staff:

Workplace Options gives assistance with Life's Everyday Issues.

Your employee assistance programme is a free, confidential and independent resource to help you balance your work, family and personal life. Available anytime, any day, by phone, email or online, the service provides information, resources, referrals and counseling on any issue that matters to you, such as work-life balance, relationships, debt, child care, anxiety and depression, bereavement and loss.

Freephone:    0800 243 458 (username and password not required)
Website:  - (username: queenmary and password: employee is required).

Addiction is an illness that impacts the whole family. Family members need education about the causes of addition, how to approach it with loved ones, and how to support their treatment. Recovery is a group effort.

Family solutions for addiction [DOC 421KB]  

This month's promotional topic is Group Effort. Both your EAP and our "Next Steps-Dealing With Addiction in a Loved One" webinar on Tuesday 19 July provide information and resources on how to help the recovery of someone close to you.

Dealing with addiction in a loved one [DOC 422KB]  


Retirement Ready, there is more to it than money. Retirement planning isn’t just about savings and investments. You should give careful consideration about  how you want to spend that time you worked so hard for. Your Employee Assistance Programme can help with:
    • Articles and tip sheets on all aspects of retirement
    • Information and resources on relocating and settling in to a new community
    • Volunteer and working opportunities 
    • Information and support for healthy ageing


Useful information leaflets

Depression Awareness [DOC 426KB]  
Show some respect [DOC 2,642KB]  
Tips for better brain health [DOC 333KB]  
Unplug to recharge [PDF 561KB]  
Workplace communication [PDF 592KB]  
Learn how to cope with multigenerational caring responsibilities [PDF 615KB]  
Start something-Change your life for the better [DOC 451KB]  


Advice and information on topics relating to work and health including disability, night work, stress, substances hazardous to health or pregnancy is freely available from Occupational Health, just email

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